"he was young, handsome, a millionaire, and he'd just pulled off the perfect crime!"

martedì 18 novembre 2008

come volevasi dimostrare

James Blackshaw signs to Young God Records !!!!!

I don’t know what to say about James. If you haven’t yet heard his music, just go out and buy everything. It’ll provide you with hours tranced out bliss, I guarantee. I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am to have the privilege of releasing his music. Read more about him here and here’s a few press quotes to give you the idea. Go to his myspace page and listen there for a taste. http://www.myspace.com/jamesblackshaw

"The hypnotic arpeggios at the heart of James Blackshaw’s acoustic guitar playing reflect strong influences from outside the precincts of folk music: minimalist composers like Steve Reich and Terry Riley, and some of their precursors, like Erik Satie. Mr. Blackshaw, a British autodidact still in his mid-20s, fingerpicks his 12-string Guild with an immersive focus befitting such heady allusions. At its best, his sumptuous new album, Litany of Echoes, conveys a stark and ancient feeling, like something handed down through the ages...." - Nate Chinen, The New York Times

James is working on his YGR debut now, and from what he says it’ll feature fully fleshed out orchestrations and will be a big step forward. Look for this release mid next year… sign up to the newsletter for updates…


blank with prurient

domenica 9 novembre 2008

life death love and freedom

che fine ha fatto mr.crown?! che succede ai crownicles ?!
così discontinui e frammentari. forse il solo fatto che non c'è urgenza di comunicare con l'esterno.
di cose ne succedono e passano inosservate, gli appunti si susseguono ma poi rimangono lì.
ne vale davvero la pena?!

però c'è un album nero che si è insinuato nella carne sottopelle e su fino all'ipotalamo sfiorando il cuore.
e quando dico nero intendo hard boiled.

people tell me i look like hell
well i am hell

ecco, inizia così quello che senza dubbio è il mio personale disco dell'estate, un album maledetto, quello che mi accompagnava nelle notti afose e insonni e nei risvegli problematici e annebbiati.

t bone burnett - tooth of crime

così nero e torbido che è rimasto ai margini praticamente inosservato
un album impietoso che riflette il ghigno sardonico della tua ombra
un album che ci suonano marc ribot e jim keltner con la benedizione di sam shepard
un album che sembra la colonna sonora immaginaria quando leggi ellroy e capote, eroi.
un album nelle pieghe del tempo senza tempo nell'anticamera dell'inferno

e ti ritrovi a sanguinare pece ogni volta su quella kill zone scritta a sei mani con roy orbison e bob neuwirth

We stood together in the open field And heard the secret that the night revealed Then we chased the lie Racing through the sky Can we untangle guilt or innocence? How hard we torture this ambivalence Night will bring no dawn Where has power gone? For I'll steal your dreams while you are sleeping And sell them for dust and cheap lust And I'll slit your hope while you are weeping And wipe the blood clean with morphine Be my queen The wind howls the black clouds around the storm at sea I'm dropping at too great a speed Come closer to me on your hands and knees Alone in the kill zone How much is not enough, how much is through? How long will I be getting over you? How much grief and sin 'til a heart caves in? 'Til a heart caves in, 'til a heart caves in

"to sam shepard whose visionary and inspiring play invented an intense nulanguage and led us all into an unexpected shamanistic world of sound in the dark conjure of the blues"

in vendita nei migliori negozi ...
non compratelo.